mess of a dreamer

and you come away with a great little story, of a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you.

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the “yeah yeah yeah” part of the love story remix actually slay my soul. like … its so simple but so perfect. and the “ohs” are perfect. just THE WHOLE THING IS PERFECT. like taylors vocals were on point. but the backup singers tho. WE DON’T GIVE THEM ENOUGH CREDIT!

After the “Marry me Juliet” part i think the back up singers were singing “JULIET ETTT…ETTT.. JULIET ETTT..ETTT” 

I fucking love that part.

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"You’ve got a war in your head
And it’s tearing you up inside."

The Waterboys, from This Is The Sea (via violentwavesofemotion)

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